Studies - IT systems (USOS, MS Teams, UAK e-mail, APD)

USOS - University Study-Oriented System

USOS is a student management information system used in 50 Polish universities, technical universities, higher vocational institutions, university schools of physicial education and other types of high educational institutions. Among these schools are top public universities in Poland

USOSweb: You will receive a login (ID) and password int the dean's office. Then you can log in to the website.


UAK e-mail

After gaining access to the USOSweb system, you will receive a login and password for email in the domain to your private email provided in the IRK system (the sender will be:

The password is going to be attached as a file in 7zip format.

To open the attachment with the password, use only the 7zip program (free). The password for the file is your STUDENT NUMBER (available in the USOSweb system under MY USOSWEB tab in the USER INFORMATION sub-tab)


   At the moment, Microsoft servers are heavily loaded, so activation of a new account/password change may take a little longer than usual, and it may take up to 24 hours to grant permissions to all features of Microsoft Teams.

   Please do not send password change emails several times. Passwords are reset on a regular basis and the information is sent to users. Due to the large number of requests, the response time may be 24 to 48 hours!

Access to the ELECTRONIC POST in the domain, is provided by logging into the Microsoft 365 service. After logging in, select 9 dots in the upper left corner and click on the Outlook service (logging in is done using the same credentials as for MS Teams). Login link: 

MS Teams

The application for remote classes called "MS Teams" can be accesed from MS Office 365 in the cloud (

In order to access the application you need to provide:

  • login: (without special letters),
  • email password which you use in the domain

In order to recover the password to MS Teams service (MS Office 365), please contact IT Department at email: from your private email which you used in the IRK system during registration. For authentication, please include your first name, last name and student number in the body of the message.

We suggest using MS Teams version for computer/phone, and if in browser version, then using the browser "Chrome", not "Firefox" (problems with the older version of browser).


APD (Thesis Archive) - the service plays the role of a catalog and repository of electronic versions of theses produced at the university.